Follow God’s Leading

When you see God leading you into something new, something unexpected, something exciting …. what do you do?

When the world is telling you it’s crazy and irresponsible … do you still follow Him?

When you know — really know — that it’s where God wants you to be … do you go?

That’s what our family has been facing. The peace we feel deciding to step out in Faith and follow where He’s leading, no matter what “the world” says or thinks, has been amazing.

There’s an adventure over the horizon for this family. And everyone is excited to see what He has in store for us.


It all Boils Down to Respect

[I feel I should put some sort of warning here before getting to the post. I know how nasty the internet can get at times. I realize that there are some things towards the beginning of the post that may make people mad. That is not my intent. Please make sure to read the entire article before commenting.]

“I hold enough conservative values to call myself Conservative, but I also hold a few liberal values that some Conservatives think block me from entering the Conservative camp.” {from the About page}

I’m not a huge fan of labels. They describe just a portion of who a person is.

But I realize some people like labels. They like to know what labels a person identifies with, so they can know quickly if it’s someone they’d like to get to know a little better. We all like hanging with like-minded people.

So, for that reason, you could call me a Conservative. I’m ok with that.

I believe a woman’s place is taking care of her home.

I believe women {and men} should carefully choose their clothing to present the importance of modesty.

I believe parents are fully responsible for their children’s education.

I believe homosexuality is sin.

I believe abortions are murder.

I believe women getting all hot and bothered about a man that’s not their wife is adultery. Same goes for men checking out women not their wife.

I believe Christians should be careful about what they read and watch.
I believe in a person’s free choice. I was given choices, as was every single person … Christian or not.

I believe there are times a woman feels the need to work outside of the home. That’s between them, their husbands, and God.

And due to that choice, sometimes that means sending a child to public school systems. Again, between them, their husbands, and God.

I believe modesty is more of a heart issue. Usually, it’s reflected on the outside as well. But not every person is led that way. And that’s ok! .

I believe all those who aren’t heterosexual are human beings deserving of love and respect. Bible thumping does nothing to show the Love of Christ.

I believe all those women who have chosen abortions more often than not come to regret their choices on down the road. They need our love, not our judgement.

I believe women and men who can’t be happy enough with their other halves have deeper issues than just adultery-of-the-heart.

I believe that certain things should be no-brainers for Christians to stay away from {examples: Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Grey}. However, I know I read things or watch things that some may think are inappropriate for a Christian to read/watch … but they don’t effect my life, my marriage, or my Walk and I feel they are ok for me.
What it boils down to is this: Respect.

Respect each others freedom of choice — we have all been given free will to choose as we wish and not all Walks will look at all the same.

Respect each others Walk with Christ — you may be mature enough to move on to meat and partake of things that don’t take you away from God, but others may not be to that point in their Walk yet.

Respect your past — you didn’t start walking a perfect walk with Christ right from the get-go … remember where you came from and what you went through to get where you are right now.

And, most importantly, remember there is not one of us who doesn’t sin. Not one. They sin, you sin, I sin. All of us. Every day.